About Us – Company History

Originally formed as a spin-off consulting firm of internationally renowned public accounting firm KPMG LLP in 2001, Advantage Valuation and Advisory Services, LLC (Advantage) provided services in the areas of general accounting, compliance and financial auditing, business valuation, litigation support services, forensic accounting, and business consulting.

In July 2005, Advantage President, Todd Shishido broke from his relationship with KPMG LLP, and created Kukulu LLC (Kukulu). Under Mr. Shishido, Kukulu expanded services into the Department of Defense (DOD) government sector by creating a team of individuals with wide-ranging expertise and experience. The varying expertise and knowledge of the Kukulu team helped secure business opportunities in multiple industries, which was to the ultimate benefit of the NHO’s purpose of serving Native Hawaiians.

Currently, Kukulu is effectively managing programs to recruit and place needed direct care and support medical staff in Military Treatment Facilities throughout the United States. The knowledge and experience of our senior management team has allowed Kukulu to provide a wide-range of medical staffing solutions in the following fields:

  • Medical Healthcare
  • Dental Healthcare
  • Chiropractic Healthcare
  • Medical and Operational Services
  • Mental Healthcare
  • Medical Research Management and Services
  • Medical Technology