About Company

We are a results-driven healthcare staffing company focused on exceeding expectations in the medical industry. Employing staff that operates under the highest ethical standards and conducting business with integrity, we work tirelessly to help our clients achieve their mission objectives by diligently working to find the perfect staffing solution for each client. And as a Native Hawaiian Organization (NHO) owned 8(a), we utilize our unlimited sole-source, non-contestable award capability to provide successful healthcare staffing solutions in over 5 states.

Our Capabilities

Include a wide-range of medical staffing solutions for DOD medical treatment facilities (MTF) throughout the United States in the following areas:

Medical Healthcare Resources

Dental Healthcare Resources

Chiropractic Healthcare Resources

Medical and Operational Services

Mental Healthcare Resources

Medical Research Management and Services

Our Values


To bring together so people can work together.


To adhere to the highest standards of business ethics.


The genuine spirit of all relationships, and the fertile ground from which everything else will thrive. Our Aloha is the authenticity we bring to our connections with others, and to the self-expression of our work.


the Hawaiian value of worthwhile work. Work with passion, with purpose and intention, and with full joy while realizing your potential for growth and creativity. When you Hoohana you create your best possible life and your own destiny.